Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jumping into the fold discussing the us national debt (realistically)

A great video released today once again showing how the demand for real news is finally coming into the mainstream. Ron Paul on MSNBC once again openly discussing the REAL problems we face today in America, much unlike fellow members of Congress whom seem intent on waiting out the inevitable blame game and not discussing any real reforms to spending.  This disconnect is, "In my opinion", due to both parties need to deflect the staggering "WALL OF BLAME" that could conceivable lose either party the next election. Please check out the video! It is quite refreshing to keep seeing Ron Paul on the mainstream media discussing the issues as best he can and always voting his conscience rather then his party denomination.

Yes as you can tell I am a Ron Paul Fan boi~ :D  Give it a gander!


  1. Ron Paul would make a great president

  2. My girlfriends parents are huge on Ron Paul, I have mixed emotions on him. I'm not a libertarian.

  3. Labels aren't important anyway they divide not unite. Bipartisanship is retarded right now among dems/reps.

  4. I really like Ron Paul. One of the few politicians, who makes sense.